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Little Rudy Takes His Trip

November 4, 2013


After several weeks of seeing a little personality emerge from wood, paint, and shell, we finally had to pack Rudy up and take him down Hood Canal to Olympia to meet Laurie, his new mother.  He behaved himself pretty well, all things considered.  He did want to stick his head out the window, but his flyer got in the way.  He kept a watchful eye out the window and if you think this grin is silly, you should have seen him when we passed a few cute dogs along the way.  That sparkly tooth was really flashing Rudy and Laurie were both hungry after our 100 mile trip down and Laurie’s trip up from Portland, so Red Robin was the place we met.  The Laurie and Rudy show created quite a buzz  with Laurie at the reins of her new  (and might I say well-behaved)  wheel and a number of people, mostly children wanted a closer look.  I think these two were made for each other!

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