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Rockin’ Rudy is Ready to Roll

November 2, 2013

Lauries wheel

I’ve been working hard on Laurie’s new wheel as we are meeting her in Olympia tomorrow.  We’ve had a big storm passing through today and the power kept threatening to go off.  But all the power tool work got done and now we are waiting for varnish to dry.  Our wood stove will help even if the power fails.  And Amy can spin by candlelight (or even blindfolded if necessary)  for the final testing.  I really learned a lot from this wheel.  The new mechanism for orifice height adjustment works well and is an elegant way to re-introduce a feature we thought we would have to leave out in the current model.  It comes in handy when a spinner uses a different chair or lets a smaller person use the wheel.  And the trickiness of combining abalone, silver, rhinestones, and paint worked out better than I had hoped.  The real test comes tomorrow when Laurie meet her new buddy.  I hope she is delighted



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  1. Patricia Grrhardt permalink

    I can’t even imagine having you make me a wheel! They are all so MAGICAL!

  2. Wow!!! Really pretty!!

  3. Do I love him? Let see there has been a storm north of here and yet nothing will stop me from bringing Rudy home. I can’t wait together my hands on him. Thank you Gary for understanding my dream wheel. See you tomorrow.

  4. Rudy is smiling! His suitcase is packed and I think he’s looking forward to some travel.

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