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Reepicheep Afloat

October 2, 2013


The Narnia wheel is still a big part of my life.  I have been working on the Aslan handle  but the early stages would certainly scare people who think I can sculpt  It is built up of a number of materials and only I know what course I am taking.  Actually I think only Aslan knows!  Photos of that will have to wait until he is a bit farther along.  While various things are curing,  I have had great fun with this little mouse.  According to Lewis, Reepicheep paddled away in his little coracle (boat) in hopes of reaching Aslan’s country.  I looked up coracles and found that they varied with the specific needs of the fishermen who used them.  And variations were built and used in a number of places in the world.  So that gave me freedom to make a coracle special for a talking mouse.  It even has a little mouse figurehead which you can see on the left side of the photo.  It is peering down into the water.  Reep has a gold ring around one ear but I have to find a red feather to put there too.  If anyone can suggest a source, I would be grateful. The coracle is about 3.5″ long and Reep is about the size of one of the mice in our world.  Having never sculpted a mouse, sitting or otherwise, I am very happy with this little addition to the wheel.  It will be removable to lessen the chance of damage in transit.  Enjoy!

  1. Barbara Stender permalink

    Surely there is a splendid supply of feathers in a chicken coop near by – perhaps a white one could be died red?

    My memory fails – what is the story about the ring on Reep’s ear? All the lovely books in the series have been entrusted to the kids to revel in with the grand kids..

  2. Marcia permalink

    Words cannot express how much you have nailed it again, Gary. I love him…. grinning with anticipation !

  3. This is going to be one amazing wheel!

  4. Susan permalink

    This wheel is over-the-top fantastic! Lucky Marcia to be the receipient of such an amazing piece of art. That being said, I still love my little raven the best…

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