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A painter in Narnia

September 24, 2013

narnia paintings1

When I make a wheel like this one, I’ve got to switch hats quite a bit.  I started out as an engineer and spent a lot of time figuring out the lamp post and how to incorporate it into the frame.  Next I became a woodworker and spent days building the frame, turning the wheels, and making treadles.  The last several days I have been a painter and it sort of startled me.  I knew I wanted to put two scenes on each wheel and the woodworker in me said, “Let’s make some wooden dividers to separate the scenes.”  So I did, and after spending the better part of a day on them I realized it was not a good solution.  The painter, who had been trying to make some art, finally realized the problem and got a bit assertive.  He said, “Hey, I know what to do.  Let me paint the transition between the scenes.”  Since both the woodworker and the engineer were out of ideas, they gave in and the painter took over.  What fun to paint again!  Nothing you see in these photos is finished but folks have been wanting to see some pictures.  And of course these photos are kind of harsh and don’t match the real things.  To be expected.  Here’s a breakdown of what you are looking at:

Cair Paravel

Cair Paravel, the castle in Narnia at the edge of the sea.

beaver house

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Described by Lewis as inviting with the smoke coming from the chimney. Green ice above the dam and of course always snow around.


The marshy home of Puddleglum the marshwiggle. He lived in a sort of wigwam and fished for eels. You can see him at sunrise getting ready to go catch some. Even with the beautiful sunrise, he knows it will probably rain or hail soon.


Aslan the Lion wherever he wants to be. His land is noted for bright colors, especially the bright blue sky.

I need to put on another hat here pretty quick and that will be the one of a sculptor.  Need to carve a lion and a mouse.  Will keep you posted!

  1. Wow! Very pretty! Amazing!

  2. Having just watched several of the BBC versions of the movies, I just love this!

  3. Kathleen Quinn-Kortis permalink

    Watching the progress of this wheel feels like it did reading the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ for the first time…wondrous! Beautiful job!

  4. HUGHES1681 permalink

    Wow this is beautiful nice work!

  5. Marcia permalink

    I am crying for joy and completely overwhelmed, Gary. The Narnia Wheel is so much more beautiful than I ever dreamed. Thank You so much.

    • Thank you Marcia and everyone else too! Your comments mean a lot to me and make me want to do my very best work every day. Nothing like waking up to a little positive re-enforcement!

  6. Gary it is really a work of art. Beautiful. So when do we start mine? Do the girls want to have dinner with us one night during OFFF ?

  7. Tagati permalink


    Very beautiful. I loved seeing your wheels at Compass Rose Farm during the Fiber Farm Tour and can’t wait until mine moves up the queue.


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