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A little progress to report

September 11, 2013

Narnia door

Since the swan wheel is out of my hands and into Amy’s for testing, I am back to work on the Narnia wheel.  Finally the little bits and pieces that seemed so disjointed are coming together.  The two door knob plates are now mated to the frame.  At the bottom is the push button switch that illuminates the lamp post.  The top button unscrews to remove the door for access to the lamp post (or perhaps if you feel really small it could be your personal entrance to that other land.)   Actually all of these little buttons are in reality vintage buttons from my family’s collection.  I thought they would give a sort of mysterious element to the door area.  The bottom one actually is a lion head, which plays very well with the great lion who will rule the wheel from the vantage point of the handle.  I felt very fortunate when I ran across it on a button card.  The flat area above the door will soon be occupied by the mouse.  I can hardly wait to start sculpting that little rascal.

Narnia lamp post

The second photo is a fairly feeble attempt to photograph the lamp post now that is is sandwiched between two layers of frosted glass.  I am waiting for this evening to see how it will appear in low light.  Even though I think I know what I am doing, I always enjoy the little surprises along the way.  Tomorrow I’ll be back at it and will  give a report later on future developments.


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  1. Patricia Grrhardt permalink

    This one is the best one yet! I wish it was coming to me!

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