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My Adventures in Narnia

August 17, 2013

lamp post 1

Marcia has commissioned me to build a wheel that reminds her of her favorite place – NarniaIn order to do a credible job I re-read the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series and thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you haven’t had the pleasure, you might pick these books up and settle yourself down for a good adventure.  C.S. Lewis was an amazing man and wonderful writer.  lamp post 2The lamp post was a key feature in the book and so I decided to make a miniature lighted post and cover it with snow and place it within a special chamber in the main frame.  It will be viewed through frosted stained glass panels on each side.  In the first photo you can see a piece of this glass behind the lamp post.  We are still in the idea stages of the project, but it looks to be quite a wheel.  Aslan the great lion will be the key figure, but his majesty will be balanced by the fearless little mouse, Reepacheep, in a wonderful new space created in the newly designed frame.  There will be paintings, too, and perhaps other ideas will flow forth as the wheel progresses.  I have enjoyed making the lamp post and can hardly wait to see how everything comes together.  Updates to follow!


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  1. Patricia Grrhardt permalink

    Can’t wait to see THIS ONE! What a great theme!

  2. Rebekah permalink

    What a fabulous idea! Wish I’d thought of it :)

  3. Carly permalink


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