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New Wheel Coming Along

August 11, 2013

wheel 1Jan from near Yosemite Park has commissioned me to make a special wheel. It will incorporate quite a few elements that could very easily become a few too many! She hikes in the high country a lot and wanted pictures of this beautiful area painted on the big wheels.  No problem – I’m a painter.  Then we talked about her border collies who are so very important on her ranch.  Problem – how does one sculpt a graceful sleek animal into a sturdy handle?  I didn’t want a big fat slothful looking collie.  So, back to the drawing board.  This wheel will have a removable collie held in place with a rare earth magnet glued into the wooden shroud that covers the regular handle.  When traveling or moving the wheel, the collie can be popped off and put safely away for the move.  Now, what does a border collie look like?  Thank you, internet people for posting so many pictures!  And then we discussed her Shetland sheep. Perfect place for them was in the center of the hubs where I have on other wheels put cats and rabbits.  About this time I was feeling a bit nervous about all these elements, but when I started actually assembling the parts, I felt that it would actually work! This photo was sent to Jan for her approval before things are permanently put together.  The little holes circling the hub will be covered with wooden plugs painted black.  She approved and I’ll keep you all posted as work progresses.  Thanks for looking,  Gary

  1. This wheel is lovely! Yes, lots of design features, but it is coming together nicely! Love that wood, what is it?

  2. Thanks Susan, It should be very handsome when finished. I am using a combination of cherry and walnut (my two favorite woods) but felt that in order for the paintings to be properly framed I would need to stain the wood a bit darker. I stained the cherry big wheels as well as the little spokes of walnut with walnut stain. The frame and treadle too are stained a bit darker. Who knows how I’m going to finish the collie!

    • I love both cherry and walnut… I’ll keep that in mind for when I get to order my wheel… still thinking over what I want. Lookin’ good!

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