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Thank You

August 7, 2013

This has been an interesting week in one way.  Usually I just go about my business and putter on wheels.  Lots of quiet time alone with my wood and tools.  There is a great satisfaction in this, and when something comes together after days of planning and cutting and gluing and finishing, I just enjoy sitting back and watching Amy take over and do the testing.  But this week things changed a bit with the advent of a Ravelry group about our wheels.  Amy and I are so honored be be thought worthy of such attention.  It is humbling and makes me feel a bit nervous too.  Every wheel I have made represents the best I could do at that point in time.  And yet since each wheel is handmade and is in many ways a brand new and unique  combination of art and function, I always think, “maybe if I’d done this different” or “why didn’t I test that part just a little more.”   These thoughts usually come when the wheel is crated up and ready to send.  Tomorrow Jennifer in Texas gets her wheel from Fed-ex and she announced on the group how important an event this will be to her.  Cleaning her whole house and everything That makes me hope so hard that this wheel will measure up to her expectations and be all she wants it to be.  I guess what I am trying to say is thank you all so much for liking what I do and for trusting me with your dreams.  I promise I will undertake each project with all the care and respect and skill that I can muster because you deserve no less.


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