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Leopard Cat Wheel

July 19, 2013

leopard wheel2 leopard wheelUp until recently I didn’t know there was such an animal as a leopard cat – at least a small variety that could be kept as a pet.  A spinner from Texas commissioned me to build this wheel and requested that her cat be the main theme of the wheel.  Her other request was for me to incorporate figured wood and keep the wood tones fairly light.  I had some great figured maple that I used in a number of places on this wheel.  Each big wheel has four inlaid sections of maple, and over this I tried to paint a pattern like that seen on her cat. My goal was to make the pattern equal in importance with the flash of the figured wood.  Quite a balance to aspire to!  I decided to use the photos she sent as reference for two portraits painted in the center of the hubs.  The side not seen in these photos has a different view of the cat.  In order to add a touch of elegance beyond wood and paint, I inlaid glass jewels in the big wheels as well as both sides of the handle and the scotch tension knob.  Jennifer wanted a simpler handle than what I have been making lately yet this one still has an artistic flair and feels good to carry.  Now we begin to test!


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  1. Rebekah permalink

    That’s a sleek and beautiful wheel. Bet it spins as good as it looks!

  2. Laurie permalink

    Gary. Kathleen and I are thinking we could come up on the first weekend in August. Would you be around then to meet us and work on the wheels. Could you give Cecil sparkling eyes when he visits? By the way, Susan’s raven wheel is wonderful. Laurie

    • Hi Laurie,
      I would be happy to work on both wheels at that time. I’ll have to do some research on the eyes. What sparkly substance did you have in mind? Star sapphires?

  3. Only learned of your wheels yesterday… I have a spinning wheel, but when I get a second one, YOU will be the person I call… These are wonderful works of are.

    • Thanks Susan, you dream it, I’ll build it!

      • Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind… right now I’m dreaming of how I’ll get the $$ together… once I figure that out, I’ll dream of a wheel… have you done anything using a blue color?

  4. That sounds like a good plan. If you look at the gallery section of our website you might find a picture of a dragon wheel I did a while back. I used blue and white paint to remind a person of Chinese porcelain. I did another dragon wheel with even more blue but I don’t think we have a good picture of it. One thing I know is that blue goes handsomely with most of the woods I use! Gary

  5. Jennifer Venter permalink

    I’ve had this wheel for a little while and I still love it :) It is gorgeous, especially when I spin on it outside in the sunlight!

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Glad to talk with you today and I will prsue the idea of a lighter more travel friendly wheel. Have a great day, Gary

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