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I’ve been thinking again…

July 18, 2013

maidenheadI’ve been making wheels pretty regularly for just about a year now and have learned so much!  The wheels have evolved, and my skills and tools have increased.  We’ve had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people in the spinning world, and the extra privilege of making wheels for some of them.  An interesting thing happened yesterday that made me realize that we are at a pivotal point in this venture.  A lady from Spin-Off magazine called me and suggested we put an ad in the upcoming Fall issue.  It will be an issue focused on wheels and their makers.  I’ve thought about doing this before, but never got serious enough to follow through.  Well, she gave me till tomorrow to make up my mind Since a wheel-focused issue only happens once every five years or so, I feel I can’t pass this up, even though it is a big financial investment.

So, by saying yes to Sarah I am in theory entering another level of this business.  Instead of seeing myself as the new kid trying to break into this world, I am saying I am serious and intend to stay.  In order to make this commitment work, there will need to be some other changes as well.  I have been pretty unrealistic with my prices and my family has often reminded me of this.  I can’t make a living at wheel making at the price structure we have now and I can’t upgrade my tools, advertise, or attend many events either.  Starting August 1st our prices will go up 15% on all wheels.  Not a huge increase, but enough to let me continue to improve business as well as pay the bills.  If any of you have been considering ordering a wheel, it might be a good time to place an order at the current prices.   I’d be happy to make one for you!         Gary


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  1. Your wheels are well worth the price increase. They are beautiful, custom, works of art.

  2. You are a master of all you touch, bro. I am amazed you can get the wheels to balance with all the cool things you do with them. Fabulous craftsmanship!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, brother! Because there are two big wheels connected to two separate treadles all the little imbalances seem to cancel themselves out. Plus turning things on the lathe is a giant step up from trying to make discs with a saw! Have a great day, Steve. Gary

  3. She’s absolutely beautiful. Do you have a pricelist?

    • Thank you Tracy,
      we tried a pretty thorough price list when we first started selling but found it a bit cumbersome. Each wheel is unique and requires a different formula depending on wood choices, art, etc. Right now a finished wheel, custom built for you will range from $1000 up to $1600. At the end of July we will be raising our prices 15%. Feel free to e-mail me ( if you want to discuss a project. Thanks again, Gary

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