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July 1, 2013


Sometimes I get into a routine.  I putter around in the shop most of the day and into the evening, taking breaks for meals and chores. In the evening I enjoy time with the family and then quiet time to read and reflect.  Not bad and no complaints will issue forth from me!  Once in awhile an unexpected event breaks my routine and that is a refreshing change.  I had to get up at 4:00 this morning to let a work crew into a building downtown, and rather than return home and awaken the household, I decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise.  It was very calm and quiet and a fog bank was rolling in from the west.  Gulls were busy with their own routine.  Other than one early tourist, I had the whole beach to myself.  The sun kept promising to rise and the incoming fog kept making its journey of lighting the sky a bit harder.  For once I had all the time in the world to watch this little theater play out.  Eventually the irrepressible sun won out and rose triumphantly over the fog.  I felt like I should be hearing background music playing.  But the birds kept up their chatter and that proved adequate.  The lesson for me is to take the time to visit places just a stone’s throw away from my routine as often as possible.  It was a great way to start the day.

orifice hook

Along this line of thinking, I decided to show you my little feather shaped orifice hook that will accompany the raven wheel on its journey.  I took it to the same beach and placed it on a weathered log.  It is made from padouk and has abalone inlay on both sides.  Rather than seeing the hook as a nuisance to make or an afterthought,  I gave this little thing the best I could and I found satisfaction in doing a small task well.  I guess my life is mostly made up of small things anyway and so this lesson will be my inspiration for the rest of my day.  (Remind me of this when I’m hot and dusty on a day that will reach into the eighties!)






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  1. Susan permalink

    The orifice hood is gorgeous! I will treasure it, along with the wheel. Glad you had some time to yourself to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty this morning.

  2. It’s awesome :)

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