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Raven Wheel Progress

June 30, 2013

3nd raven wheelThe little raven wheel has come a long way in the last few days.  The raven head was carved out of a laminated chunk of cherry, painted, and abalone has been inlaid for the eyes.  A disc of this shell and padouk is being carried by the bird as is common in many depictions of Raven down through the centuries.  The treadles have a feather design, which is not totally traditional but has the contemporary flair requested by our spinner, Susan.  Sometimes strange little things happen that work for the better in these projects.  It is a bit hard to see from this angle and people unfamiliar with northwest coast art would not notice anyway but the raven head and the speed changing assembly with scotch tension knob arm look a great deal like a raven rattle These objects were common up and down the coast and used with great flourish by dancers.  There is still work to do – knobs, flyer, bobbins treadle axle ends, and other little things but at this point I feel that the bird is about ready for flight.  It kind of looked natural out in the grass.

  1. kathy crone permalink

    Beautiful! I love mine…..but I love all the others you have made

  2. Kat permalink

    OMG this is beaautiful. Do you make a wolf wheel? If so, I may need to get one!

    • Hi Kat, I have made quite a menagerie so far. I’ve thought about doing a wolf. I custom make each wheel just the way you want it. Let’s talk!

  3. Carolyn Ramos permalink

    Gorgeous wheels. I am in lust…..
    Must check my piggy bank

  4. Kat permalink

    Oh yes we will have to talk for sure. My last name is Wolff, I have 3 Alaskan Malamutes. The wolf is my guide and teacher. My dogs are the reason I got into spinning in the first place. Had all that hair and it seemed like the organic thing to do. The wonderful sister friend who gave me lessons and gifted me with a beautiful antique wheel said she could tell I was remembering to spin, not learning. Who cool is that. I am a fledgling in so many ways but will aspire to the possibility of spinning on a wheel dedicated to my soul guide animal…..

  5. donna martin permalink

    Oh I really love this wheel, what does something like cost?

    • Hi Donna,
      It depends on the level of complexity; a wheel similar to this one would sell for about $1,350. Thank you for your interest!

  6. Kat permalink

    Do you have pictures of your other wheels so I can start drwaming of my wolf wheel?

  7. Have you looked at out Facebook site. All pictures of our wheels end up there. You can go to PHOTOS and click on finished wheels to see them. I’ll be happy to discuss ideas with you and offer suggestions.

  8. Kat permalink

    Sorry I’ve been away for a while. My wheel’s name is Gypsy. She is very old and very wise. I can hear her singing to me when I spin. Its an incredible feeling. Do you have any ideas for a wolf wheel? I love the Native American flavor of the crow wheel.

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