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Edwina Hatches an Egg

June 19, 2013

chicken wheels Back a few months ago we attended a spinning event on Whidbey Island.  Both Rebekah and Amy went with me because they are the spinners in the family.  My efforts are merely sculpture until their magic feet hit the treadles.  We brought along a brand new wheel, the chicken wheel, that was to be Rebekah’s personal machine.  She hadn’t even tried it yet, as we were working up to the wire to get it ready for the event.  During the set up a nice lady named Kathy came over and looked at the wheel. I told her she was welcome to take it for a spin and so she did.  She was quite taken by it, and came around a couple other times that day to see it again.  Apparently she told her husband about it in glowing terms because a few days later I got a call from Jim who wanted to order a chicken wheel as a surprise for Kathy’s birthday.  So, with a slim window of time, we made another chicken.  It was fun to sort of repeat my first effort but with some subtle improvements added.  We used  lighter wood and were very surprised what a difference this made!  In the photo Kathy’s wheel is on the right.  You’ll probably notice she looks a lot like her mother. And the last I heard Kathy is spinning happily on the only other chicken wheel in the known universe.

  1. Anne permalink

    What a thoughtful husband! She looks enough like her mother that one can certainly tell, but has her own special traits as well. Love this, Gary!

  2. Thanks Anne, I met Jim at the ferry one morning and you could tell he wanted to do something nice for his wife but he really knew nothing about spinning. I took a picture of him lugging his wheel back onto the ferry but probably won’t post it. Just a fun memory.

  3. Rebekah permalink

    I never even saw Edwina’s hatch! Maybe we’ll bump into each other at a spinning event :)

  4. Kathy permalink

    Yes, my husband is amazingly thoughtful. I’ve been spinning with Edwina’s hatch for about 3 fmonths now, and she’s wonderful! I was working with her at the Anacortes Arts Festival and she was the hit of our booth! Thanks again, Gary!

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