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The Lady is Finished! (almost)

June 18, 2013

lady of the lake 1

The lady of the lake is just about finished!  We took her for a photo shoot to a local park on this beautiful spring day.  I like the play of light and shadow on the main wheels and how her head is in silhouette.

lady of the lake 2This view seems very serene and elegant to me.  It also shows the speed changing knob between the large wheels.  To change speed you just loosen this knob and move the assembly up or down and then re-tighten.

lady of the lake 3The bright sunlight is a bit harsh in this photo but I liked this close-up of Vivienne’s face. I still need to finely sand and wax the sculpture before she is ready to travel to Oklahoma.

  1. Linda permalink

    She’s beautiful!

  2. Jennifer Nightingale permalink

    Just stunning!

  3. KikiKat permalink

    The wheel decoration on this one gave me an idea for what I’d like someday…a koi-themed Olympic.

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