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From blockhead to beauty

June 13, 2013

lady handleThese wheels always assume a life of their own and this carving project really proves it again to me.  I started by laminating up three layers of cherry wood.  This increases both depth and strength.  Then a rough cut out with the bandsaw.  Then a moment of panic when I realize this looks a whole lot more like an Easter Island stone head than a delicate lady of the lake! Then you pull out the tools and start THOUGHTFULLY and SLOWLY removing anything that is not lady-like.  Eventually the form begins to emerge.  At this stage she is still very far from completion, but I guess that’s the point of this blog.  I want to share with you what no one but my family ever sees.  For me these little battles and triumphs are what keeps me interested in making wheels.  Our son and daughter-in-law are eagerly expecting their first child.  She will be born in August and of course they already have chosen a name – Vivian.  Lucy goes in for tests and check-ups quite regularly and seeing the ultra sound results made the whole process become so much more real to them.  Same when Lucy feels those little kicks.  In a way that is something like the pleasure I get in seeing a block of wood transform into a graceful lady.  Of course the wheel still retains the final word and things could change.  I wonder if I could talk Anne into a shrunken head handle Always got to have a plan B.

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  1. Anne permalink

    Uh… the shrunken head will have to wait for some other project! Gary! I am startled by how perfectly you chose the wood grain (at least on this side!) to emphasize her flowing quality. Or the flowing quality of the Easter Island stone head anyway!

    On a different note, I didn’t know the news about your granddaughter, but did you remember that this wheel’s name will be Viviane?!!! I checked to verify that I had mentioned that, and at least once I mentioned it to you with the wrong spelling of “Vivienne.” Anyway, that is the name given to the Lady of the Lake in some stories: And a special woman with that name (without the “e”) passed last year so I felt it fitting.

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