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Real Progress to Report

June 11, 2013

half done 2new wheel innardsAnne’s wheel has come a long way since the last post, when it was mostly an idea on paper.  Since I am doing a lot of new things, it becomes a very exhilarating project both artistically and from an engineering standpoint.  I really enjoy the new open frame with its graceful lines.  It is stronger as well as lighter than previous wheels.  The big wheels have “stones” embedded in resin.  They are actually carved from wood and painted to keep things light and balanced.  The cool tones are a nice contrast to the warmth of the wood.  I am using walnut, stained cherry, and figured maple for the wood elements.  The hubs are turned to resemble the effect of dropping a pebble into water with the concentric rings.

The second photo shows what things look like before the other large wheel is put in place.  Most of the parts will therefore become hidden when the wheel is finished. The black metal piece is plate aluminum because in such a constricted space I just couldn’t use all wood.  Behind this plate is a spring loaded block with a ball bearing at each end.  The steel flyer shaft goes through the bearings.  The springs keep the small drive wheel in constant contact with the large wheel.  The long knob above the black plate is the one you loosen so you can slide the assembly up or down. Then you tighten the knob with a new speed setting.  I have just barely begun to test this system but I am very happy with the results so far.  The pistol grip on the right side of the photo is actually designed to be for the scotch tension knob but an unexpected benefit surfaced – it can actually be used as a handle when the speed is being changed!  I love it when things just work along with me and help out.   The next big thing will be the sculpting of the lady’s head.  It will take all my skill and experience to pull it off.  We’ll put up pictures when it is finished.  If it doesn’t look right , it just might become a frog!


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  1. Anne permalink

    LOL! I would love kissing such a frog, Gary. I need to come up with more adjectives.. this is so beautiful, outside and in.

  2. I’m glad you approve, Anne! The photos aren’t that great but before I ship this wheel your way, I’ll make a point to get the best photos I can. Some day I’m thinking an ad in Spin-Off magazine featuring this wheel or one like it might be a good idea.

  3. Anne permalink

    Get all you can while the wheel is off because I won’t be able to do that once she is here. A Spin-Off ad would be great – just be ready for the calls.

  4. Rebekah permalink

    Wow! That’s going to be a showstopper, and I’m sure, a joy to spin.

  5. Susan permalink

    Fantastic, Gary! The open frame is beautiful!

    • Thanks Susan, The photos aren’t that good but I’ll put up better ones as the wheel progresses. I’m happy with the new ideas!

  6. Jennifer permalink

    Oh man, this setup looks fantastic! Love the new frame. Stunning…

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