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New Project Takes Form

June 2, 2013

new projectA very trusting spinner from Oklahoma, Anne, has allowed me the privilege of designing and building her a new wheel.  We discussed ideas and came up with a lady of the lake theme.  It promises to be a wonderful adventure as so many things will be new.  I’m re-working the design to incorporate an idea suggested by Judith MacKenzie last winter after she tested one of our wheels.  She said that if I could make changing the speed effortless the wheel would be a ground-breaker for friction drive wheels like mine.  I took her suggestion seriously and have spent many hours thinking about how this could be done.  Several false starts later I think I have a design that will be just right.  The spinner will be able to change the speed simply by loosening a knob, moving the flyer assembly, and re-tightening the knob.  No tools or interruption of the creative process!  Also since this is a pretty high end art wheel that will not be carted around a lot, I am making frame changes that reflect the water theme better.  The photo shows the full size drawing, the large wheels roughed to shape, my axle assembly, some assorted tools, and perhaps a bit of blood, sweat, and tears mixed in.  We will post photos as the Lady takes shape.  Enjoy!

  1. Anne permalink

    She foms on the paper like morning mist… so beautiful already, Gary.

    • Thanks, Anne! I am starting to plane the cherry for the main frame components. Just got a great letter from the lady who has the ram wheel. After several months spinning on it she is still a happy camper! I’ll ask permission to post her comments for others to see. And I’ll do more photos for you. Gary

  2. Carly permalink

    How beautiful! I can’t wait to see the new ratio-changing system, too.

  3. Carly permalink

    Will there be gradations marked on the wheel somehow so that ratios can be calculated more precisely and TPI recorded?

  4. Not on the wheel as it would be too hard to see. However I think I can put marks on a top surface where they would be very visible. You spinners really like to keep me hopping!

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