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Sarah’s New Wheel

May 28, 2013

Sarah's CatLast February we delivered a wheel to a customer at Madrona.  While Amy and Annie were busy with the new wheel, a lady all the way from Georgia, Sarah by name, stopped to take a look.  I received a wonderful letter a while later from her and she ordered a wheel.  I wanted to make it special for her and she told me about someone very important in her life – her little one-eyed cat!  Apparently this cat is an endless source of amusement and I thought it would be fun to incorporate her portrait into the handle of the new wheel.  The cat has a best friend which happens to be a very well worn little toy mouse.  Gee, I wonder how that happened?  Sarah said they are inseparable so I decided to keep them together in the wheel portrait too.  The little mouse is peaking out from between the cat’s paws on the handle.    As a way to carry the theme further, I sculpted two cat plaques and they are located on the hubs of the large wheels.  I usually make axle covers from ebony or other woods but this time I used epoxy resin and made them in the form of Mouse.   We found little glass beads for the eyes and nose.  So, as the wheel turns the cat and mouse go round and round together.

The big wheels are made out of cherry, which I often use in  wheel projects but I have never used it for the big wheels themselves.  The grain was so pretty I decided to add some relief in the turning to show it off a little better.  There is always something new to try with these things.  Tomorrow the wheel gets crated up and shipped off, much to the disappointment of our own cats.  They have adopted the crate as a new favorite hangout!

  1. LaVelle Nott permalink

    Nice job, you have done it again.

  2. Anne permalink

    One complaint… I would enjoy seeing many more pictures of each wheel. Different views, details, etc. What a unique idea where the cat is always looking at the running mouse!

    • I am careful not to overload people. Today we had to dodge raindrops to get even one good picture. I will take lots of pictures of your upcoming wheel! Gary

  3. Pam Hunt permalink

    Beautiful wheel…so glad it’s found a home here in Georgia!

  4. This is the second wheel we’ve shipped East. These critters like to migrate! Thanks for the kind words, Gary

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