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Rabbit Goes Home

April 26, 2013

BunnyWheelWe took the newly finished rabbit wheel to Kingston yesterday where we met Karen Bruggman, the new rabbit keeper.  Such a beautiful and warm spring day!  Amy was set up in a grassy park right near the ferry terminal and she was spinning away when Karen showed up.  What I want more than anything is for the spinner to really like her new wheel.  This was love at first sight and we had a great half an hour together before she re-boarded the ferry with the intention of spinning her way back to Edmonds.  I hope, Karen, that you and your rabbit made it home safely and that the bunny has made itself comfortable in its new home.  Any name yet?


On the way home we stopped at Port Gamble for a little while and browsed some shops and took some photos.  I love this little town.  It is an old lumber town pretty much preserved the way it’s always been.  There is a great fiber shop there called the Artful Ewe, and we love visiting Heidi every time we pass through.  She’s only open on the weekend, and yesterday she was closed.  The photo shows Amy hopefully waiting in the vain hope that Heidi would miraculously appear.  Heidi also has a class area in another building and we peeked in her windows.  Saw a floor loom for $350 that made us think long and hard.  I know weaving is something Amy would love to learn.  And for this price there is no way I could make a comparable one.  The wood and hardware alone would be several hundred dollars.

Today I am starting a new wheel with a one-eyed cat as the handle/figurehead.  We’ll keep you posted.  By the way, thanks to each of you for the gracious comments regarding this rabbit wheel.  I get a little self-conscious responding to such kind words but it means a lot to us!  Thanks

  1. I dearly love the sweet rabbit that sits crouching on wheel handle. =). How is the loom acquisition coming for Amy? Maybe for a birthday present or??


    • Thanks Annie, I’m glad you like it. It is always a challenge to attempt something I’ve never done before and then have to make it happen! Until you came into my world I’d never sculpted a dragon either! Now I’m making a wheel with a one-eyed cat on the handle. I’ll put up pictures soon. The loom is still in the research stages. Have a great day! Gary

  2. The bunny wheel is a big part of our home. It sits in the living room when I am spinning or not. Lots of travels with the wheel. I love this wheel. Just Bunny.

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