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Rabbit In Its Natural Habitat

April 21, 2013

Rabbit wheel right side Rabbit wheel left side

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the shop, as you might notice by seeing the dandelions in our yard!  Art before mowing – that’s my motto.  The rabbit wheel is coming along.  It’s always fun to see the pieces come together and treadle the machine for the first time.  So far everything is smooth as silk and blessedly quiet.  I really enjoy the baby rabbit on the handle.  I almost get the feeling it’s about to hop off at any moment.  Rather than pushing the carving with elaborate detail, I think getting just the feel of life is the real prize.  Also since this carving doubles as a handle, more detail would probably end up a liability.

As I thought about carrying the rabbit theme to other parts of the wheel, I discarded all my known associations. Carrots, droppings, and cages just didn’t seem like viable options.  I did a little research on the web and found out that in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore there are stories about rabbits on the moon!   Apparently they make rice cakes up there.  So in the hubs of this wheel I sculpted little rabbits jumping around on the moon.  Also in the footman rods I cut  moon shapes and filled them with my epoxy material and added craters.  So, the next steps are to build the flyer arm, flyer, and knobs.  What a fun springtime project!

  1. Anne permalink

    These wood grains are all very lovely and the little rabbit does look ready to hop. What a lovely wheel!

  2. This wheel has the most “kind” look to it…happy and very sweet too, just like the rabbit. The carving on the handle gives me the desire to just hold it! =) . The combination of woods are so pretty also!


  3. Rebekah permalink

    You really captured the feel of the rabbit. What a great wheel!

  4. Karen Bruggman permalink

    Gary, I am enjoying the posts as you create this beautiful wheel. I love what you have done and can’t wait to see the finished wheel.

  5. I just love the bunny. Just want to hold him in my hand. Beautiful Gary as always.

  6. M.Petersen permalink

    Wow Gary. You have such a beautiful soul. Art is the biography of its creator! Love this wheel so much.

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