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Time to think about rabbits, rocks, and a cat

April 9, 2013

This promises to be a busy and fun month as I begin three new wheels.  One spinner loves rabbits, and I need to figure a way to incorporate a rabbit into a spinning wheel.  I’ve spent some time lately surfing the net and looking at rabbits for inspiration.  Have you ever heard of giant Flemish rabbits?  I hadn’t and was very surprised to see rabbits this big.  Check them out!

The second wheel will feature a unique and much loved one eyed cat and her chewed-up toy mouse.  The chance to let these two characters interact on a wheel is very appealing.  This evening I will be spending time with a sketch pad and a pencil and hope to firm up some concepts.  An eraser will probably come in handy, too.

The third wheel will be a bit more poetic and subtle.  The spinner loves to collect special things like rocks and driftwood and such.  We love these too and have spent countless hours on beaches nearby finding wonderful things.  An idea struck me as I read her letter.  I have two figured maple wheels that I’ve set aside because the figure was less interesting than I thought it would be.  Perhaps Mr. Lathe took the pretty stuff off in the turning.  Today I put each wheel back on the lathe and recessed a space between the rim and the hub.  In this circular area I will epoxy “stones” carved from a variety of interesting wood.  I’ve got lots of little pieces of wood begging for a chance to shine.  Perhaps along with these will be real stones, shells, beach glass, or whatever else sneaks in.  This will break new ground in my attempt to make wonderful wheels.  The photo shows the wheel on the lathe with the new recess and the other wheel is holding some of the eager little scraps ready to be shaped and sanded into little stones.

Anne's wheels1

  1. Rebekah permalink

    What a great combination of wheels to ponder!

  2. Karen Bruggman permalink

    I am honored to be the recipient of one of these wheels. I am very anxious to see what Gary comes up with . I love what he has done with the wheels I have seen. So can hardly wait.

  3. Annie Toy permalink

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creative ideas…spinning ’round! :)

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