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Edwina’s First Project

April 9, 2013

By Rebekah

Edwina made her great debut at the Whidbey Island Spin-In.  We had a wonderful time, and while I was there I bought some beautiful, boldly colored roving.  I finished it tonight, and hunted through my dresser – the place where many people keep clothing but where spinners stuff yarn – for something to ply it with.  I came across a pile of crudely spun yarn, stuff from my early days with the drop spindle.  I thought, sure!  And then as I got into the rhythm of it I thought about how there was a lot more going on here than I had initially realized.

Smell and touch can trigger memories in a potent way, and as I felt the clumsy old yarn slip through my fingers, and watched it come together with my sleek new yarn a time came back to me, a time when we were faced with losing our gallery, and my parents were faced with losing much more.  Hard as it was, I wouldn’t trade that time and the lessons I learned from it for anything – although I have to admit I wouldn’t volunteer for another time like it!  Seeing the yarn from that time come together with my bright new yarn, well, it wasn’t closure, though it felt like closure.  Maybe it was synergy, multiple strands that came together to form something greater than the sum of its parts.  But the big question I have now is..ooh, what will I make with this yarn?!


  1. Linnea Simonalle permalink

    The hard times are costly in the currency of pain & hardship but they yield priceless dividends of wisdom and compassion.

    Thank you for sharing of yourself!

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