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Edwina Goes to the Beach

April 5, 2013


Rebekah’s chicken wheel is finally ready to photograph and the testing stage will commence this evening.  This has been such an enjoyable project in many ways.  I was able to experiment freely and do pretty much whatever I wanted.  I also was able to put little odds and ends of wood to use.  This is both challenging and rewarding.  There are small things that make this wheel entertaining.  The vegetable ivory turned out to be a nice complement to the other colors.  The design of the big wheels reminds me of the rising sun, and this is appropriate when roosters come to mind.  The handle that holds the flyer arm in place is meant to look like a chicken tail.  Crazy but true.  Tomorrow morning, when the cock crows, we will be headed to a spinning event on Whidbey Island.  We will be taking this wheel and it will be the first chance Rebekah will have to see her finished wheel and to use it.  It will be fun to share this introduction with the folks at the event.

Chicken wheel 2

  1. Jon Mccoy permalink

    I still think one of the treadle hinges needs to be a little squeaky, so the wheel clucks along.

    • Hey Jon, you of all people should know about chicken types. this is one of those rare mute chickens – sort of like the barkless dog thing. By the way thanks for the advice at the event. I ordered a couple chucking reamers as you suggested and can hardly wait! Maybe we will have mute bobbins too!

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